Our latest eBook covers the importance of event logging in cloud-native applications. Learn how logging works, why it matters, and how it improves your business and end-user experience.

Our latest ebook covers the basics of log analytics, including different types of log data and how to collect, store, and analyze them. If you are currently using an event data solution or looking for alternatives, consider new ways to better manage logs for your entire team.

Do you want to understand log analytics and how it can be used to optimize system and application performance, detect and triage issues, and improve user experience? In this eBook we answer common questions such us:

  • Why do you need log aggregation?
  • What makes an effective logging strategy and how do you start?
  • How can you centralize logs to improve developer productivity?

Download the Modern Logging and Analytics eBook today and start unlocking the full potential of your event data.

Building a Great Logging Strategy

Quickly track down and understand issues that arise within an application. Understanding what and how to log data will make this process significantly easier. Whether you are just getting started or using an alternative logging solution, see the DataSet difference in our Get More Value Out of Your Splunk Investment and Replace ELK Stack whitepaper when evaluating the best solution.