The Pressure of Digital Disruption

We are lucky to live in the age of digital disruption. Traditional businesses are being upended by new entrants that change the supply and demand curves in their markets. To avoid being left behind, traditional companies are disrupting themselves using the same playbooks startups use for market disruption, giving rise to initiatives like digital modernization. While modernization of services in the consumer space has become the staple, so too is modernization altering enterprise-grade solutions. Take how business loans get priced and approved, how truck fleets are monitored and optimized for delivery times and fuel efficiency, how cars are priced and sold, and how any business gets a live 360-degree view of their customer. New technology platforms disrupt how businesses operate, fundamentally changing consumer experiences and transforming virtually every industry.

All of this transformation manifests itself in data: hundreds of terabytes, even petabytes, generated from user interactions, devices, applications, infrastructure, business processing systems, and supply chain systems. Data needs to be analyzed and actioned in real-time to provide the dynamic experience that customers expect and businesses need to thrive.

Challenges of Extracting Value From Data

Five years ago, The Economist wrote about the concept that “Data is the new oil;” but we are still in the early innings of the data era. Software vendors responded by creating tools which behaved like oil refineries rather than refined oil. Data management by itself doesn’t make data useful – it’s the insights we glean, the decisions we make, and the actions we take that makes data the oil to power the next-generation of businesses - and even power the future. However, there are a variety of challenges enterprises face to unlock the promise of data:

  1. Explosive Data Scale. What I frequently hear from engineering leaders is that the scale of data they need to process and manage is growing by a factor of magnitude rapidly. IDC states that, “The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years…” and with the proliferation of software into everyday connected things, like IoT, – and with new constructs such as the metaverse – data growth is likely to accelerate even further.
  2. Today’s Speed Isn’t Fast Enough. Speed matters when you are in a fire-fight trying to restore a service. Speed matters when triggering an alert on an anomalous behavior. An engineer waiting minutes for a search to complete when trying to find why their website page load times are increasing precipitously simply isn’t working “at the speed business demands” – particularly when nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy. Today’s data services lag behind the speeds we need to be effective.
  3. Today’s Data “Tradeoffs” Lead to Suboptimal Outcomes. Technology leaders are constantly having to make tough decisions on what data to keep, how to secure it, and how to make it accessible. Most are so busy being “managed by their data'' and not “managing their data.” They simply don’t have the time, capacity, or ability to manage and extract value from their data. Today’s technology leaders are either drowning in the data lake or lost in the data lakehouse.

And on top of it all, there never seems to be enough time, budget, or talent to do what needs to be done.

Why I’m Excited About DataSet

I believe today is a better day for data.

Tomer Weingarten, SentinelOne’s CEO, and the extended team has built an amazing company by addressing cybersecurity as a data problem. AI models instantly determine if behavior is benign or malicious, delivering machine-made context across the enterprise for visibility and response. Petabytes of data is analyzed at millisecond-level speed allowing SentinelOne to neutralize threat actors with zero to little administrator intervention. SentinelOne is revolutionizing cybersecurity with autonomous technology that scales people to be more effective than they ever thought they could before.

At the heart of SentinelOne’s cybersecurity revolution is data. SentinelOne’s DataSet platform provides unprecedented speed, effortless scale, and superb price-performance applied to the cybersecurity domain. The externalization of this data platform is what we are launching today as DataSet. We see DataSet as a game-changing platform for businesses - regardless of size, vertical, or use-case - to become data-driven in making decisions.

The DataSet platform is built for the cloud and offered as a cloud service freeing up engineering resources from managing “data refineries.” It provides all teams real-time access to all data be it streaming or historical. It’s built with the security and controls that enterprises should require for their most precious asset: their data.

Best of all, DataSet’s technology is heavily battle-tested - already in production at hundreds of enterprises, among them, SentinelOne. DataSet is SentinelOne’s data platform analyzing trillions of events 24/7/365.

After talking to hundreds of customers, I’m convinced that every business and technology leader would be better off with DataSet’s unique approach to data analytics. The outcomes from our customers speak for themselves: improving customer experience, accelerating revenue growth, lowering total cost of ownership, delivering meals faster, booking travel efficiently, moving people around the globe, and making healthcare delivery more accessible. The power that lies in data is endless in terms of creating a better tomorrow.

Final Thoughts

Today is simply the beginning. We have a terrific team, and we’re investing heavily in DataSet’s expansion. We’re deeply appreciative of the trust our customers have placed in us to be consultative partners on their data journeys. I personally invite you to join us to explore the power of your organization’s data with the Live Data Platform, DataSet.

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